Davichi Don't Find Me Again (다신 찾지마) English Translation

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Davichi Don't Find Me Again (다신 찾지마) English Translation Lyrics

Now I am trying to erase everything about you
I will just take the good memories we had
Even if I hold onto you, I know you're going to leave
So I will accept our separation like it's nothing

I looked miserable, I was pathetic
Because I couldn't do anything
Yes, I won't ever find you again
Even if I miss you, even if I long for you, I will hold it in

* Don't ever look for me again- go to her
Because I'll meet someone else and be happy too
Because there isn't a spot for you to come back to
Don't ever find me again- don't find me, don't find me

Even if I'm alone on a street we used to walk on alot
Even if your favorite song is playing
Even if it rains and unknowingly, I think of you
Even if it's so hard and I cry, I will hold it in

* repeat

Though I'm still blankly spending my days crying
Though it's awkward without you
Though I can't sleep with thoughts of you every night
I'm okay without you

* repeat

It's over anyway, because this is it for us
Don't find me ever again, don't find me, don't find me


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